From the beginning, Youreka Science has stayed true to the science and the mission to make accessible science for the curious mind!

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A few numbers that we are proud of


Youtube subscribers

And counting! Our Youtube community continues to grow

1 million

Video streams

Our videos have been streamed over 1 million times around the world



Each of our 80+ videos was made by passionate & brilliant scientists

The mission behind the videos we create

How empowering for people to better understand their underlying biology and how their every day decisions might impact their health! How enlightening for citizens to be part of the discovery process and see their tax dollars at work from the beginning! How rewarding for scientists to see their research understood and appreciated by the very people who support their work!

The story behind Youreka Science

Youreka Science was born in a San Francisco public school classroom. While a PhD student at UCSF, Florie was teaching 5th graders about the structure of a cell. When she was lesson planning with the teacher, she realized how valuable it would be to incorporate recent scientific findings into the classroom curriculum to bring textbook principles to life. This idea expanded beyond the classroom to reach all members of the public. 

Our foundational values

These principles drive the decisions and content we make at Youreka Science.

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We believe in empowering citizens and promoting health by making educational scientific content for everyone. Follow your curiosity and come learn with us!

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We are a team of scientists dedicated to making important scientific facts and findings accessible!

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We use a unique approach to learning by producing fun whiteboard videos to explain important science discoveries.

Our team

The Youreka Science team is made up of passionate scientists, committed to making science accessible for the curious mind.

Florie Mar

Founder and President

Florie is a scientist with a passion to share her love of science with others. When she is not working, producing whiteboard videos, or raising budding scientists, she loves to cook food from her home country–France–ski, explore the outdoors, and undertake fun arts and crafts projects.

Darienne Myers

Medical writing

Darienne is a scientist working in biotechnology, developing new medicines to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases. She started working with Youreka Science in 2016 while completing her PhD at UCSF, and loves finding creative ways to communicate scientific topics to a broad audience. Outside of work, Darienne enjoys cooking, boxing, and hiking with her dog Maggie!

Pallavi Penumetcha

Medical writing

Pallavi has been working in healthcare scientific communications since completing her PhD in microbiology at UCSF in 2018. Outside of work she loves to read, find the next great streaming series, spend time with friends and practice Indian classical dance with her peers.

Aarati Asundi

Content creator & artist

Aarati is a science communicator and has been with Youreka science since 2016. After graduating with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from UCSF, Aarati went on to start CarbonNix, a science communications company that is helping scientists and start-ups explain innovations in climate tech.

Nebat Ali

Content creator, illustrator

Nebat is a PhD candidate in the BMS program at UCSF where she studies gene regulation in pathogenic fungi. As someone who’s benefited from educational videos in the past, she’s excited to now work towards the goal of improving access to reliable scientific knowledge. When not in lab, she enjoys watching K-dramas, embroidery, and hiking!

Arpita Gopal

Medical writing, content creator, social media manager

Arpita is pursuing a DPT/PhD from UCSF. She is interested in digital health and rehabilitation for people with neurological diseases, particularly multiple sclerosis. Her passion for science communication led her to Youreka in 2021, and she hopes to continue to explore these interests after graduate school. Arpita loves a good thriller novel, experimenting in the kitchen, & spending time outdoor!

Our story

From the beginning, Youreka Science has stayed true to the science and the mission to make accessible science for the curious mind!

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Youreka Science founded

Youreka Science was born in a San Francisco public school classroom.

October 2012

First video published

The first video produced explained a recent finding at the time for a new mechanism for Beta-cell failure in diabetes.

July 2013

First collaboration

First collaboration with UCSF to produce a video on a new scientific finding published in Science Translational Medicine on the role of the gut microbiome in HIV/AIDS. See the video here!


Our team grows!

Several medical writers and illustrators join the team!

Video wins competition

Youreka Science video wins Stand Up For Science FASEB video competition: see our winning video here!


Reaching out to the community

First participation in Bay Area Science Festival

1,000 Youtube subscribers

We reach 1,000 Youtube subscribers!

January 2021

1,000,000 video views

We reach 1,000,000 video views on Youtube!

Present day

Growing our community!

Since its foundation in 2012, the Youreka Science team has grown, staying true to the science and the mission to make accessible science for the curious mind! Our collection of educational whiteboard videos has illuminated millions of curious minds, including students, people living with a medical condition, and curious citizens alike!